Labour & Employment

Labour & Employment

Tanzania’s labour law framework comes with peculiarities. It is clear that regulatory compliance and effective management of labour & employment issues are of cardinal importance for business.

Our team has a robust track record in advising the corporate community on all employment, health and safety with a special focus on dispute resolution and commercial transactions with an impact on employees. Examples of such transactions are mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the sale of companies or outsourcing arrangements; all of which typically have implications for employee pensions, benefits or conditions of service.

A significant portion of the advisory work undertaken by our labour and employment lawyers involves advising multinational clients on the appointment and termination of executives, the restructuring of local operations, and the management and resolution of employee-related disputes.

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Afrilex Associates is a modern regional law firm with presence in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Rwanda. Its team of Partners, Advocates and Associates has unrivalled experience of working with multi-national companies, public companies and private persons within and outside the East African region.

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